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What should you do if RAIN is in the forecast for the day you play interclub?
Preference for match play on scheduled day, Allowance for Religious Holidays
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What should you do if RAIN is in the forecast for the day you play interclub?

1. If it looks like there is a good possibility of inclement weather prior to your day of is the HOME CAPTAIN'S responsibility to contact the opposing captain to discuss alternate arrangements the evening before the match.
2. Waiting until the day of the match to decide - determination of unplayable courts must be made at least 90 minutes before match time.
3. If the plan is to go indoors, the HOME captain chooses the location and reserves courts.
4. IF A PLAN CANNOT BE AGREED ON FOR AN INDIVIDUAL MATCH, no later than scheduled match time, HOME team must propose 4 possible times to play (2 weekday, 1 weekend, 1 evening). Opposing team must play one of those times or forfeit.
5. Once a match has been rescheduled, HOME team delegate informs VP/Singles Rep of the plan. If the rescheduled match is to be outdoors, agree how to have the match played that day even if it rains AGAIN.

1. Consider using a SUB if a regular player is restricted to playing on the scheduled match day, at a certain time or on a particular surface. This may open up options to resolve a tight situation.
2. COMMUNICATE CLEARLY about your intentions.
3. Remember, the goal is to get the match played.

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