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2019 3rd Delegate Meeting - Tuesday, August 27th
Doubles Season Begins on Tuesday, April 23rd
2019 Points of Compass - Wednesday, May 8th
What should you do if RAIN is in the forecast for the day you play interclub?
Preference for match play on scheduled day, Allowance for Religious Holidays
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Reminder: Super Tiebreak Rule

Reminder: Super Tiebreak Rule

In lieu of a third set, a "Super Tiebreak" may be played, provided that all players have agreed prior to the opening of the match that the Super Tiebreak will determine the outcome of the match. (A Super Tiebreak is first to 10 points, win by 2). Because it is considered a new set, the order of serving between partners can be changed. Teams change sides after every 6 points. The set should be scored 1-0 (rather than 7-6). This option is available in any situation (indoors or out) as long as all players agree to it.

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